Wooden Timber Acoustic System utilizes aesthetically pleasing wood plank panels to create exquisite wall and ceiling treatments. With grooved wooden panels it is possible to achieve installations that meets high level of absorption and a high aesthetic level at an medium cost. With different sort of patterns and grooves width different levels of absorption and different aesthetic results can be obtained. Acoustical Wooden Acoustic Panel come in a variety of configurations to meet all acoustical requirements. Wooden acoustic panel balances sound reflection and absorption through perforations. Using perforated rigid materials in conjunction with absorptive backings, allow for aesthetically pleasing wall and ceiling finishes while providing excellent acoustic performance.


Model: Grooved wooden panel
Specification: Groove 4mm, Center to Center 32mm
Thickness: 12mm/18mm
Surface: Raw/Melamine / Wooden Veneer with Varnish/ Painting / HPL
Co Material: E0 MDF/B1 MDF
Back: Acoustic felt
Installation: Aluminium keel and clips, wood frame, gun nail
Size: 2440*133mm, 2440*197mm
NRC: 0.8 - 0.9
Test: Eco protection, sound absorption, flame retardant

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